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Nothing beats experience...

For more than 40 years, Bogaerds Cord has been dedicated to protecting farmlands throughout the world. Operating a fleet of specialized aircraft, manned by well trained and highly-skilled pilots, Bogaerds Cord has become a leader in agricultural aviation.

Bogaerds Cord is headquartered in The Netherlands. Our headquarter includes modern storing, mixing and loading facilities, as well as support equipment and a maintenance facility.

Bogaerds Cord's ground support equipment includes several large-capacity semi-tank trucks used for transporting and storing chemicals. Stainless steel nurse tanks are used for mixing and loading smaller jobs. Only leakproof hoses with dry breaks to prevent spilling are used, while state-certified meters with air eliminators are utilized to ensure accurate application on every job.

Like our pilots, Bogaerds Cord ground support personnel have extensive experience with virtually all types of government sponsored and private aerial dispersal programs. With unparalleled enthusiasm, professionalism and competence, the Bogaerds Cord team has achieved an international reputation for excellence. Through our policy of setting only the highest quality standards for ourselves, we are uniquely qualified to meet - and exceed - your highest expectations.

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